Smoke Exhaust Operable Windows

Aluminum alloy doors and windows can be installed in any environment and structural building. Unlike PVC and wood, Aluminum does not require lots of maintenance. Whether in coastal tropical regions or in extremely cold regions, Aluminum itself has high strength and various finish methods, which can fully meet the needs of different environments and have excellent performance.

One of our projects was to install aluminum windows on a steel structure tent house. This project is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, the venue for the Asian Games in China. Our team went to the site many times to communicate with the field technicians to understand their needs. We are aware that steel construction is different from cement construction, the opening size cannot be precisely controlled, and it cannot be guaranteed that the size of each opening is the same as the drawing, which requires us to pay great attention to our window manufacturing size which cannot be too large or too small.

The job site does not allow vehicles to enter during the day, and our installation team has to finish the unloading before dawn. The actual installation was harder than we expected because the deformation of the steel structure opening is too serious, everyone knows that the installation of doors and windows must ensure their level, and now this situation has brought a great challenge to our construction team. So our first step is to adjust those deformed openings.

The window structure installed this time is a hand-cranked top-hung window, with an opening angle of 70 degrees, single-layer glass, and a size of 157” wide, 39” high, 51” high above the ground. The accessories of the hand crank device need lots of patience to make them right, 2 trained and experienced installers need 2 hours to install one window. This process requires constant adjustment until the window opens and closes smoothly and ensures that there are no hidden problems. In addition to the windows, there is cladding around the tent, and the tarpaulin needs to be fixed. The size of the cladding also requires us to determine the appropriate size based on experience. An experienced team can make these uncertainties very simple. After about 2 weeks, all the windows were installed and each one was repeatedly commissioned to ensure it was safe and functioning properly.

The venue is not yet in use. The Asian Games will start in September 2022. There is staff to inspect to ensure that all facilities are in good condition to welcome the arrival of athletes from different countries.