One Stop Building Material Solution

Besides manufacturing windows and doors, Hoper has been offering more than that to meet clients projects requirements. Whether it’s new buildings or renovation buildings, they all require other items like cabinets, stairs, tiles, furniture, plumbing items etc, Hoper knows pretty well how to get the best quality at best price after digging into this industry for a long time.


Besides building materials, Hoper encounters clients with different backgrounds. Hoper team is able to impress his client with great service and intensive knowledge, Hope has been assisting clients to purchase products like medical supply, machinery, consumer goods etc.

Hoper can make purchasing a lot easier and safer for you to buy from China. 

Inspection & Logistic

Hoper can help you do inspections across China. To check workman craft, package, quantity, size, color etc to make sure your order is done based on your requirements and to avoid your future unwanted surprise when you receive them.

Hoper can help you deal with all kinds of shipping, goods consolidation, container loading, customs clearance and delivery to your door.