LIMITED WARRANTY – Aluminum Frame Windows and Doors

Hoper warrants Aluminum frame windows and doors to be free of manufacturing and material defects. This Warranty covers the contents specified below and is not transferable and ensures only to the benefit of the original consumer purchaser.

What the warranty covers


Hoper warrants the frame against peeling, flaking, chipping for ten years. If any of this case happens, Hoper offers replacement part with no charge.


Hoper warrants the double pane and triple pane insulated glazing (5mm minimum thick) against failure of film formation on the internal glass surfaces of the IGU caused by hermetic seal for five years. Hoper will provide a replacement glass unit with no charge if such defects happen.


Hoper warrants hardware (locking mechanisms, hinges, handles) against not functioning well for two years from the date of purchase. If the hardware cannot function well under proper use, Hoper will provide replacement parts at no charge.

What the warranty does not cover

  • Defects caused by improper installation and use, transportation accident, fire, flood, tornado or hurricane; vandalism, misuse; abuse by harmful fumes, vapors, solvents, chemicals or chemical pollutants in the atmosphere, structural failures of walls or foundations
  • Normal material ageing and weathering
  • Glass shatters caused by high winds, air pressure difference
  • The color finish is treated again, either painted, stained or by other methods
  • Shipping cost for replacement parts
  • Labor cost incurred in the removal, replacement, installation or reinstallation of the product


Any claims for defect under this warranty should provide detailed photos, videos and other details that might be needed by the customer, Hoper will offer the replacement parts shortly after agreement is reached.