Aluminum Louver Window

Louver window has Parallel blades made of glass, aluminum or timber, it uses glass and aluminum slats for aluminum frame window. The slat is able to open and close at the same time or each slat is able to be controlled individually.


  • Both aluminum and glass blades are able to be fixed or able to be flipped
  • Provide good air flow and able to control how much air allowed in the house
  • The glass slat is standard 5mm thickness, it can be made in frosted glass, Low-E glass, tinted glass or reflective glass

Product information

Powder coating

Wood finish


  • UV resistant
  • Allow more sun light into the house
  • It can be applied on all types of window and door
  • Easy to change new ones if needed
  • The color comes in black and grey

Stainless steel screen

  • 304 stainless steel material
  • Fire-resistant
  • Anti-rust
  • Burglar-proof
  • The standard color comes in black and grey
  • It can be powder coated and match the frame color