Aluminum Tilt And Turn Window

Aluminum tilt and turn windows have two opening option,they can be used as casement windows and hopper windows. Casement opening can allow maximum air circulation and easy cleaning, you can change it to tilt opening when you do not need the strong breeze.


  • Durable hardware allows easy operation for the 2 opening options
  • Easy to clean when the window opens to 90 degree
  • Highly insulated profile and triple glazing capability
  • Invisible hinge creates more beauty
  • Removable insect screen keeps bugs away and easy to clean

Product information

Powder coating

Wood finish

All of our glass are tempered safety glass

Single glass

One layer of glass, widely used single glass thickness is 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm,12mm

Double insulated glass

Double glazing consists of 2 layers of glass with air space,it can provide good sound insulation.

Laminated glass

Laminated glazing also called impact glass, it is of 2 layers of glass with a PVB film between the glass,used as hurricane proof glass

Triple glass

Triple impact and insulated glass,impact resistant glass with air space option, it can offer safety and insulation at the same time. 

Triple insulated glass, 3 layers glass with 2 layers air gap option, it provides better thermal and sound insulation function.


Besides the different thickness of the glass, glass can have more features to improve the energy efficiency of the windows and doors.

  • LowE coating
  • Tinted coating
  • Argon gas filled
  • Warm-edge spacer
  • Self clean function

Aluminum handle in silver, black, white powder coated color

Anti-rust 304 stainless steel hinges

Wind brace is able to make the window stop at any position

Visible hinge and invisible hinge to choose from

Retractable screen

  • UV resistant
  • Allow more sun light into the house
  • Easy to change new ones if needed
  • The color comes in black and grey

Stainless steel screen

  • 304 stainless steel material
  • Fire-resistant
  • Anti-rust
  • Burglar-proof


Built in blinds are inserted inside 2 layers of glass, so this requires the window and door to be double glazed with air space. It does not need cleaning, matainance, and takes no space outside the window. Manual control button can adjust the blinds go up and down, and can control the opening degree for privacy needs.