Get a sample

Communication can be a bit difficult when it comes to a specific color or other details that is not easy to confirm through phone call, email, or video chat, so to make the communication easier, Hoper offers various samples, customer is able to get the sample in 7-10 days by DHL, FedEx, UPS ect.

Section frame samples to show the frame structure, glass, part of hardware

Section frame is the most direct and easy way to show the product, it is a small version of the window and door but able to show the structure well. It is easy to deliver by air express due to its small size.

Color sample

If the customer has a specific frame color to customize, they can send a small piece of the color sample by express, we will do the same color sample and send to the customer to confirm.

Different glass color sample is available too, Low-E glass in blue and grey, tinted glass in grey, green, blue, bronze ect, reflective glass in blue and grey.

Any other materials that you find it necessary and important to check, please let us know.