1: What is powder coated aluminum frame window and door?

Powder coated process

Powder coating is to use powder spraying equipment (electrostatic spraying machine) to spray powder coating on the surface of the aluminum. The powder will be uniformly absorbed on the surface of the mental under the static electricity to form a powder coating. And then the powder coating is baked at high temperature, baking, leveling and curing, it can achieve different color effects.

Powder coated advantages

One of the very obvious advantage is powder coated offers many color options. There are many colors from the RAL and Pantone color charts, even if it is any other color from your house, as long as you can get a color sample, there will be a way to make the same color powder.

The powder coating film thickness can be varied from 50-120μm, so the color is very durable and it needs very low maintenance.

And powder coating is solvent-free, its environment friendly feature makes it a very common aluminum frame color treatment.

How long can powder coated color last?

A good and lasting color is affected by different factors which include the aluminum quality, the color treatment workmanship and environment, the powder quality ect.

High quality powder coated color can last 30 years, and the color can be still pretty new in the first 5-10 years. Under the effect of UV light, rain, the color will fade a bit in later years.