What is a bifold door made of?

To learn about the cost, we should know what a bifold door includes?

Aluminum frames, Glass, Hardware.

These are the 3 main parts that we can see obviously on the surface. Besides these parts, there are inside parts: sealant, corner connector, rubber, etc. For supplier’s cost, they will not list these costs separately, you will get a total cost for the whole unit., but you can compare these 3 main parts’ difference while you get different cost.

Bifold door cost

Material difference is one of the main reason that affects the price. There are too many material options on bifold doors, like aluminum frames, it has aluminum thermal break profiles, or without thermal break frames. Glass can have single, double, triple panes options, etc. These are just the difference in materials, we have not got into the brand difference, quality difference yet, as you can see, there is no fixed rate to calculate the exact cost. To give people who is doing their budget plan for getting a new bifold door an idea, maybe below bifold door cost can help a bit, it shows 3 combinations of different materials, it includes all the materials for a complete door:

Aluminum thermal break profiles+Double clear glazing $280 per square meter

Aluminum thermal break profiles+Triple clear glazing $310 per square meter

Aluminum regular profiles+Double clear glazing$250 per square meter

So if your door opening is 2.7 meters wide by 2.1 meters high, it’s 5.7 square meters in total, so you can get the whole door cost easily, but please note that this is just the door cost, it does not include transportation and installation cost. For these 2 parts:


If your supplier offers free transportation, then this cost must have been included in the door cost.

In our case, we export our folding doors worldwide, so the clients need to pay for the sea freight cost, their local custom clearance cost, then delivery to their door cost. If you want to learn more on this part, please email us at sophie@sh-hoper.com, we can quote specifically based on your project.


Many of our clients install the door by themself, and they did a pretty good job. We offer detailed installation guidance and videos to help make the installation easier.

If you need to hire an installer, this cost could be various in different cities. We can offer you installation materials like sealants, screws, etc if this can help bring down the cost.

The cost I listed above is based on our folding doors, hope it’s helpful for you to have a basic idea of the door cost.