How to choose the right window? Part 2( Frame options)

After you get to know different designs, next move is to learn what materials to choose. There are 4 common materials on the market:


The advantage of aluminum is its light weight, have many color options, and can be made into different shapes, durable, and weather resistant after treatment. It can provide good sound and heat insulation with thermal break profile and double or triple glazing.

The disadvantage is Aluminum can cause pollution because a large amount of greenhouse gases are generated during the production of aluminum electrolysis, which emits harmful gases and dust.


The advantage of Vinyl is its good thermal and sound insulation.

The disadvantage is Vinyl is fragile, it needs to insert steel inside which makes it heavy. And poor quality Vinyl does not have good UV resistant function, the color tends to fade after years.

Aluminum wood clad

Aluminum wood clad is a combination of aluminum exterior and solid wood interior, it can give a classical look for the house. It has good sound and heat insulation, and it’s able to paint. But the cost is high compare to Aluminum and vinyl, and it requires regular maintenance.

Solid wood

Solid wood is nature resource, and it’s highly insulated. It’s similar to Aluminum wood clad profile, it needs careful maintenance and costly.

The choice of materials can be influenced by many factors, for example, your architectural style,or you have a preferred material, or you have a preferred finish ect. All materials have its pros and cons. We can’t be biased against this material because we hear people say that a certain material is not good. We should know that all materials have different quality levels, good, medium, poor quality. The problems other people have does not mean you will have, you just need to make your needs clear to your supplier, they can help you find the most suitable materials.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have other questions regarding the materials selection.