What is a 2-way opening window?

2-way opening literally means a window is able to open in 2 different ways, of course not at the same time for 1 single pane, but 1 window has 2 opening options. The most popular design is the tilt and turn window, it can be open on the top by tilting inside, and it can swing inside too.

Besides the tilt turn window, there is a window that can be open at the bottom like an awning style, and it can swing outside. This operation is the opposite of the tilt-turn window.

How does it work?

Such a 2-way opening window mainly relies on its hardware: handle and hinge, by turning the handle to a 90-degree position, the window can get a different opening. When the handle is upward, it is in the tilt position. When the handle is to the right side or the left side, it is in the swing position, this depends o the window’s hinge is on the right or the left. When the handle is downward, it is in the closed position.

Pros and cons

It is definitely a good thing to have 2 openings for 1 window. You can adjust how the window can open based on the weather, if it is rainy, you can only allow a little air to come in. If it is a sunny day, you can enjoy more fresh air when the window opens at a large angle.

But we should also be aware that if the window is at swing position, you cannot just turn it into the tilt position, you need to close the window first, then open it to the tilted opening, some people happen to forget that sometimes which may cause the operation problem, the hinge may get damaged, so some homeowners want their windows to be as simple as possible when it comes to operation selection because they are not sure if they can always get the operation right