Frameless Shower Enclosure Ideas

Whether you are building a new house or remolding your home, you would have the following question when it comes to your bathroom design: which shower door design is good for my bathroom? Well, to answer this question, lets see what are the popular designs first. Shower doors can be divided into 3 types based on their glass panels quantity:

1: Single-panel door

The single-panel shower door is used a lot where has limited space.

2: Double panel door

The very common designs are the sliding shower door and the hinged shower door. For sliding shower doors, you can have both glass panels sliding, or only one panel sliding, with the other panel being a fixed panel.

For hinged shower doors, the popular design is to have one panel fixed, and the other panel to be hinged, normally this panel can swing both inside and outside.

If you like 90-degree combination design, it can be a fixed panel on one side, the other side is a swing panel.

3:Triple panel door

If your shower space is large for 3 panels, it can be a fixed glass+sliding shower door combination or fixed glass+hinged shower door combination, or a 90 Degree combination with either door design.

(Fixed glass+sliding shower door combination)

(Fixed glass+hinged shower door combination)

(90 degree L shape fixed glass+sliding shower door combination)

(90 degree L shape fixed glass+hinged shower door combination)

After going through the designs, you can think about which design you like better, because your preference is very important, and check if your bathroom has enough space for that design, for example, your bathroom does not allow any in-swing or out-swing space, in this case, you will want to avoid the hinged shower door design.

Furthermore, you would need to select the shower door accessory color, there are 4 popular colors: matt black, brushed nickel, brushed chrome, and satin brass, you can match what other colors in your bathroom, or you can pick whichever you like.